1.oct.2014 – Coordinated actions to make Swatchh Bharat Campaign a Great Success

Question for Mains - Critically analyze the measures adopted by the government for proper implementation of Swatchh Bharat Campaign, thereby making it a  Great Success

The important measures under the Action plan are:

·The house keeping activities are divided into Daily, Weekly and Monthly activities for better implementation and monitoring.

·Special provisions are made for waste disposal, especially for e-waste, furniture, old news papers, old vehicles etc. A quarterly report on waste disposal will be prepared and approved by the Secretary.

·Detailed provisions for repair of building as per requirement with assistance of CPWD are prepared.

·The parking area of North Block will be demarcated and amenities for drivers will be provided.

·Special drive on awareness creation, with captions and signage for keeping office premises clean.

·Head of Office will hold a meeting of his staff every Friday afternoon to discuss the Do’s and Don’ts, and social responsibility of each individual in maintaining cleanliness. This will be followed by physical cleaning of the office spaces.

·Cleanliness committee will be formed to inspect rooms and to adjudge ‘Cleanest room of the week/month’.

·An Essay competition and a Cartoon competition on Swatchh Bharat efforts will be conducted.

·Separate space on website of department called ‘Endeavours for Swatchh Bharat’ will be kept for hoisting the activities/events/function there.

·Whenever good suggestions are received, they will be shared with all

·Action will be taken against offenders/habitual offenders who indulge in behaviour not conducive to cleanliness.

·Special drive will be undertaken to weed out old files.



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