31 August 2015




NIA for softer cases against youth saved from terror path  –   (Securtiy)

·         Bureau of Immigration (under MHA) has been asked to record immigration patterns of Indians in a systematic manner.

·         THE PROBLEM: Gulf is a job have for Indians, so it’s tough for Bureau of Immigration to randomly raise any suspicion on Indian Immigrants.

India is brain bank of the world: Jaitley  –    (Economics)


·         The days of a brain drain from India are over. India now serves as a brain bank for the world, Finance Minister ArunJaitley said on Sunday.

·         Addressing the convocation of the National Law University, Mr. Jaitley also said the days of ‘grey eminence’ are over as “people no longer need to wait till they are 60 to achieve excellence.”



Rock art in the Valley of Letters  –   (Indian culture)

·         Site found near Khammam comprises two small hillocks with caves inside.

·          The Depictions supports the theory that Telangana had contacts with other parts of the world

Research scholar files for patent on Indian version of Tequila  –   (Environment)


·         Thanks to the ‘spirited’ efforts of a young scientist, the Indian variant of the Mexican Tequila will soon be a reality.

·         The pith portion of ‘NaaraKalabanda’ or ‘KitthaNaara’ (for the biologists, it is Agave albomarginata of agavaceae family) has a high starch content, which can be used to prepare ethanol.

·         While ‘Agave americana’, which grows wildly in Mexico, is used to make alcoholic drink tequila, the potential of its poor Indian cousin has remained underexplored. Though some local farmers grow it to extract gel from its leaves, the pith portion is seldom noticed.



Needed, smart solutions   –   (Governance)

·         After the unveiling last week by Union Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu of the government’s list of 98 cities that it wants developed as smart cities, companies ranging from “smart” energy management firms to surveillance equipment providers have typically welcomed the “great clarity and focus for industry players to engage with the cities’ administration”.

Rethinking reservations and ‘development’  –   (Social Issues)


·         The reservation policy which was initiated as a temporary provision (for 10 years) for Scheduled Castes(SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) in our Constitution in 1950, has expanded its coverage and contents multifold over the past six to seven decades. It has now become an almost a permanent feature of the national policies. The reservation policy however, has been used in the State (as elsewhere) mainly in vote bank politics played around the castes and has failed in including the people at the bottom in the mainstream economy and society.



UNGA president-elect sounds ‘positive’ in talks with Sushma  –   (International Relation)

·         As India’s hopes for the U.N. Security Council expansion process hinge on a vote at the United Nations in the next fortnight, External Affairs Minister SushmaSwaraj met with the incoming president of the U.N. General Assembly MogensLykketoft here on Sunday.

·         The UNGA is required to take a decision to “roll over” the text that contains positions of all countries on the U.N. reform and inducting permanent members into the U.N. Security Council, as India and other countries have demanded. The text for the U.N. reform that has been circulated by the outgoing UNGA president Sam Kutesa, will lapse on September 15, and diplomats at the U.N. are already hard at work to push the decision through “between September 10 and 15.”

Europe wakes up to refugee crisis    –   (International Relation)


·          Libya has for years been a transit country for those fleeing violence and seeking a better life in Europe. But ongoing conflicts in Africa and West Asian nations have led to a surge in migration across the Mediterranean.



Lessons from Black Monday   –   (Economics)

·         The sheer size of the stock market’s fall last Monday (August 24) has naturally figured topmost in the list of worries of investors as well as that of the Government. In its biggest fall in six and a half years, the Sensex plunged over 1,600 points losing six per cent of its value in one day.

·         Although directly caused by the turmoil in China — the Shanghai Composite went down by 8.3 per cent — Indian benchmark indices fell more than those of some other emerging markets. Because of its close proximity, Hong Kong was logically expected to fare worse than India and other emerging markets. But in percentage terms the Hang Seng, though on the downside, fared better than the Sensex.

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