Agriculture eMandis

Ques. Critically analyse the role of ‘eMarketing’ and the infrastructure development for Agriculture ‘eMandis’. How it would be beneficial for farmers as well as government?

Union Agriculture Minister Shri Radha Mohan Singh, underlined the important role of ‘eMarketing’ and the infrastructure development for Agriculture ‘eMandis’:

  • There is a need of unified agriculture market for the states so that farmers can sell their agriculture produce at single place. This will also enable the concept of National Unified Agriculture Market to be successful.
  • ‘eMandis’ would require a software where farmers could enter the data related to agriculture produce. eMarketing will help to bring one Market concept and farmers would need to be educated about this concept. He said that agri-market will promote direct linkage between the farmer and the consumer, without the need for intermediaries and enable effective consumer information dissemination.
  • one Mandi License fee for the farmers in the entire state for the ‘eMandi’ and will have the flexibility for the farmer to sell agriculture produce in one Unified Mandi in the entire state.
  • Therefore, there is a need to create awareness among farmers regarding ‘eMandis’. Awareness should be created about the role of ‘eMandis’ and the States responsibility.
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