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Higher education in India needs reforms

Ques. “There is no greater challenge to the future of India than the urgent need to revamp our institutions of higher education” Comment. At present, the higher education system in India suffers from many shortcomings. The reforms are needed to address the fundamental problem of institutionalised mediocrity, deeply embedded in these institutions. Adequate FUNDING of colleges and universities for enhancing their education system on three parameters — access, equity and quality- is required. Such planning would include creating new academic institutions, expanding and upgrading the existing Continue reading →

Corruption In India

Ques. “Simplifying complex rules and regulations, making the decision-making process transparent, and giving the government a limited role will minimise opportunities for the corrupt”, while analysing the given statement, describe the causes of corruption. What initiatives have been taken by the government to deal with corruption? Corruption in India is a major issue that adversely affects its economy.  A study conducted by Transparency International in year 2005 found that more than 62% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribes or influence peddling to Continue reading →

Issue of gaps in collection of national statistics

Describe the functions of ministry of statistics. Critically analyse how the serious gaps in collection of national statistic is affecting the economic planning. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation attaches considerable importance to coverage and quality aspects of statistics released in the country. The statistics released are based on administrative sources, surveys and censuses conducted by the Centre and State Governments and non-official sources and studies. The surveys conducted by the Ministry are based on scientific sampling methods. The Ministry has two wings, one relating to Statistics and Continue reading →

Issue of road safety in India

“Road safety has been a victim of India’s policy paralysis since 2001” while critically analysing the given statement, describe the limitations of prevailing road safety measures in India. What measure should be taken by the govt. of India to overcome the issue of road safety? India has been witnessing the rising fatalities of road accident since a decade. Every four minutes a life is lost in a road accident in India with 1,40,000 deaths recorded in 2012 alone. The World Health Organization 2013 Continue reading →

High consumption of tobacco in India

Critically analyse the prevailing high consumption of tobacco among youngsters in India. Describe its consequences?  What steps have been taken by the govt. of India to reduce its consumption. India is the second largest consumer of tobacco products in the world. That over 27 per cent of tobacco consumers in India fall in the 15-24 year age bracket. Besides the high levels of mortality and morbidity, there is a huge economic cost involved in treating people with diseases caused directly or indirectly by tobacco Continue reading →

Lack of adequate sanitation facilities across India

Ques. “Besides being a health hazard the lack of adequate sanitation facilities across India also poses a serious threat to the safety of women”, while critically analysing the given statement describe the prevailing hardships arising due to lack of adequate sanitation facilities. Enumerate the steps taken by the government. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), the lack of adequate toilet facilities has been a major health hazard in India while identified by the World Bank “More than 600 million people, over half of India’s Continue reading →

Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) as a threat to Human Rights

Ques. “Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) is not merely a concern about human rights violation but also inconsistent with the structure and spirit of our democracy”. Comment The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA), is an Act of the Parliament of India with just six sections granting special powers to the armed forces in what the act terms as “disturbed areas”. Although the usefulness of the act has been universally acknowledged in particular for stabilizing the Kashmir valley and maintaining peace, the Act Continue reading →

State Reorganisation Act 2014

Ques. Write a short note on State Reorganisation Act 2014. Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014 commonly called Telangana Bill is an Act of Indian Parliament proclaiming the bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh state into two states, Telangana and residuary Andhra Pradesh. The Act consists of all aspects of division of assets and liabilities, finalize the boundaries of the proposed new states and status of Hyderabad. The State Reorganisation Act 2014 provides: The Boards shall be responsible for the administration, regulation and maintenance of the Continue reading →

Towards a comprehensive Juvenile Justice law

Ques. “Besides crimes committed by juveniles, violence against them is also emerging as an important issue which needs to be redressed by strengthening the existing provisions”, while critically analysing the given statement describe the major recent amendment by the government to address the concerning issue. The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act is the primary legal framework for juvenile justice in India. The Act provides for a special approach towards the prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency and provides a framework for Continue reading →

India-Bangladesh trans-border issues

Ques. Critically analyse India-Bangladesh trans-border issues. The Bangladesh-India border relation is multi-dimensional, and shaped by the dynamics and pattern of internal politics of the two countries. The border problem is not confined to the issue of demarcation. It also involves issues such as cross-border smuggling, terrorist activities, border fencing, human trafficking, and illegal immigration. Above all, there is the issue of the killing of Bangladeshi people. India’s nation building challenges and internal security are linked with border security and border management. The major security concerns of India Continue reading →