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Indo-Sri Lanka Palk Bay conflict

Ques. Throw the light on the Palk bay Conflict between India and Sri Lanka. What measure should be taken to resolve the issue? The Palk Bay region, separates the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu from northern parts of Sri Lanka. Fishing conflicts in the Indo-Sri Lankan waters in the Palk Bay have worsened leading to arrest, detention and even death of Indian fishermen. The indiscriminate expansion of fishing capacity in the Indian waters is the root of the problem. The rich fishing waters, especially Continue reading →

Enhancing transparency of India’s nuclear infrastructure

Ques. “Enhancing transparency of India’s nuclear infrastructure by ratifying an Additional Protocol with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is a step that in a single stroke can be leveraged to boost energy security and lift international confidence”,  Comment. India has a flourishing and largely indigenous nuclear power program. Because India is outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty due to its weapons program, it was for 34 years largely excluded from trade in nuclear plant or materials, which has hampered its development of civil nuclear Continue reading →