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Scotland Set to Reject Independence

Scotland has voted against independence in a historic referendum, the BBC forecast on Friday after preliminary results showed 54.3 percent voting “No” and 45.7 percent voting “Yes”. “The BBC forecasts that Scotland has voted against becoming an independent country,” read a statement on its website. Scotland’s First Deputy Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon admitted on Friday that her party’s campaign for independence had likely been defeated. “It looks at though we might not get the Yes vote that I was hoping for,” Nicola Sturgeon told the Continue reading →

Chinese troops begin withdrawing from Indian territory hours after Xi-Modi meet

After heightened tension in Chumar area in northeast Ladakh for four days, Chinese troops on Thursday night began withdrawing from Indian territory, official sources said. Chinese troops started retreating into their territory from 9:45pm, the sources said, adding that Indian Army which was present in large number in the area also started simultaneously reducing their presence in the area, about 300 km east of Leh.The sources said that a vigil was still being maintained as the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had camped just across Continue reading →

All you want to know about the Line of Actual Control (LAC)

The LAC has always remained a major cause of tension between India and China. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to India was seen by several political analysts as an opportunity to sort out the border related issues. Here are some interesting facts about the ‘all important’ LAC. 1. India and China have different perspectives regarding LAC Called Line of Actual Control (LAC), a 4,057-km porous border running through glaciers, snow deserts, mountains and rivers separate India and China. Both the nations have differing perceptions Continue reading →

Scotland start voting in referendum- To be or not to be with UK?

Polling booths opened on Thursday in Scotland’s historic referendum on independence, with record numbers of Scots expected to cast their vote on whether to stay or leave the United Kingdom.  Voting will continue until 2100 GMT and the result, which opinion polls have suggested is too close to call, is likely to emerge in the early hours of Friday. Scottish residents are being asked one question on the ballot paper — “Should Scotland be an independent country?” — and will mark either “Yes” or “No”. Continue reading →

India Home to 100 Billionaires; 6th Largest Population Globally

India has retained its sixth position in terms of number of billionaires with 100 such people collectively having $175 billion (Rs. 10.5 lakh crore) in networth. According to the Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014, released today, though the number of billionaires in the country has decreased but India still enjoys a decent 6th position in the top 10 league. Interestingly, India has more number of billionaires than Switzerland, Hong Kong and France among others. Globally the number of uber-rich has reached a record high of Continue reading →

China President Xi’s India Visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first visit to India and meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to strengthen relations between both the nations. Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived here today on a three-day visit, which is expected to define the relationship between the two neighbours who have had a troubled past.  With $100 billion of investment being pledged by China, the meet is likely to boost the business ties further. China is one of India’s major trade partner and the visit will see various Continue reading →

Mass Orbiter Mission Spacecraft into Martian Orbit on September 24

“After cruising through 666-million km across the solar orbit, for over nine months, our spacecraft will be inserted into the Martian orbit on September 24 at 7.30 a.m.,” Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). Mars Orbiter Mission is India’s first interplanetary mission to planet Mars with an orbiter craft designed to orbit Mars in an elliptical orbit. The Mission is primarily technological mission considering the critical mission operations and stringent requirements on propulsion and other bus systems of spacecraft.  Mission Objectives One of the main objectives Continue reading →