Urban garbage management crisis in India

Ques. Describe the prevailing urban garbage management crisis in India. What steps should be taken to overcome the crises. India is in the transition towards better waste management but currently have insufficient collection and improper disposal of wastes. Disposal of wastes is commonly done by dumping (on land or into water bodies), incineration or long term storage in a secured facility. All these methods have varying degrees of negative environmental impacts with adverse environmental and health risks if wastes are improperly disposed or stored. Prevailing Continue reading →

Water pollution in India

Ques. “The task of reducing the pollution load of the Ganga is daunting, but the clamour for a cleaner river has gained momentum in recent times” while analysing the given statement describe the causes of increasing pollution of India’ water bodies. What are its consequences? Critically examine what measures are needed to address the pollution problem. Water Pollution is the presence of harmful and objectionable material in water in sufficient concentrations to make it unfit for use. Water contamination weakens or destroys natural ecosystems that Continue reading →