Today’s News Updates – 13.May.2015

GS paper III Hiring activity continues to soar in pharma sector – Ques. “The pharmaceutical industry in India is the world’s third-largest in terms of volume. In last 10 year the sector has witnessed an exponential growth which is now expected to create more and more employment in the country”, Critically Discuss. Mission Mangroves in Sri Lanka – Ques. “Mangroves are an important protection against climate change as they sequester up to five times more carbon than other forests, area for area” In context with the given Continue reading →

Today’s News Updates – 12.May.2015

GS paper II Division of State is no solution to the problem, says Ugrappa – Ques. Many political parties are demanding to divide their states with a view to overcome the various problems faced by the stated. Do you think division of the State can be one solution to these issues? Critically discuss. Child marriages continue unabated in a ‘Smart City’ – Ques. “Child marriage is an old tradition, and it still continues primarily rural folks and Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes. But at times, we even see Continue reading →

Today’s News Updates – 9.May.2015

GS paper I Gandhi Bhavans in 30 districts – Ques. “The red-carpet welcome being extended by successive governments to multi-national companies was against Gandhiji’s principle of self-reliance”, Do you agree with the statement? Critically comment. GS paper II 80% of Punjab’s youths addicted to drugs, Baba Ramdev says – Ques. Indian youths are increasing being addicted to drugs, Suggest measures to address this issue. GS paper III Every household to pay environmental compensation, says green tribunal – Ques. Critically analyse the aims and objectives of ”Maily se Nirmal Continue reading →

Today’s News Updates – 4.May.2015

GS paper I Core areas in Bengaluru see population decline – Ques. What do you mean by ‘suburbanisation’? What are its causes and effect? Critically analyse economic impacts of ‘suburbanisation’. GS paper II New database of High Courts unearths a 57-year-old case – Ques. “According to database compiled by the Rule of Law Project of the Bangalore-based research organisation DAKSH, there are large number of long pending cases in High Courts of India.” Critically analyse the main reasons of large number of pending cases. Do you think increasing Continue reading →

Today’s News Updates – 1.May.2015

GS paper I Madurai celebrates ‘Tirukkalyanam’ – Ques. Write a brief note describe the background and concept of ‘Chithirai festival’. GS paper II Centre’s strategy on Finance Bill comes unstuck – Ques. Critically analyse the role and mandate of Lower house and Upper House of the parliament in passing various bills. Which one of them has greater authority towards finalizing the bills? Critically comment in this regard. Govt. rejects U.S. panel’s report on religious freedom – Ques. According to the annual report for 2015 released by the U.S. Continue reading →

Today’s News Updates – 11.April.2015

GS paper I Belgaum Fort is heritage monument – Ques. “Belgaum Fort has been recently declared as a State Heritage Monument”, What do you mean by Heritage Monument? Critically describe the historical background and structure of ‘Belgaum Fort’ in India.  GS paper II SC orders free treatment for acid attack victims – Ques. “India has an increasing problem with acid attacks, where according to  Acid Survivors Trust International 1,000 takes place every year in India”, Highlight the initiatives adopted by the Indian government  in order to provide aid to Continue reading →

Today’s News Updates – 9.April.2015

GS paper II Ordinance to regulate realty sector – Ques. Do you think Real Estate (Development and Regulation) bill would promote investments in the real estate sector and ensure transparency in operations by preventing fraudulent practices or it may act as a hurdle in the construction process? Discuss. GS paper III India ranks lower than even Nepal – Ques. “Focusing exclusively on GDP implies measuring progress in purely monetary terms and failing to consider the wider picture of the real things that matter to real people as it do not showcase the whole Continue reading →

Today’s News Updates – 8.April.2015

GS paper I 4.8m tonnes of wheat could be lost this year – Ques. “Every year there has been witnessed huge losses and damages to horticulture and vegetable produce owing to unseasonal rains, hails, droughts etc” Discuss the immediate steps required to address this issue. GS paper II Many discriminatory laws against leprosy patients – Ques. Analyse the objectives and features of National Leprosy Eradication Programme. Also highlight the present status of prevalence of leprosy cases in India. According to Law Commission of India there are many laws that discriminate against leprosy patients, Continue reading →

Today’s News Updates – 7.April.2015

GS paper II Need to relook law on juveniles, SC tells govt. – Ques. Critically comment whether there should be more strict juvenile laws, making juveniles accountable who are accused of heinous crimes like rape, dacoity, murder and drug-peddling. What could be the implications of this change? GS paper III Govt. moves to clear the air – Ques. “There has been a growing concerns over deteriorating air quality in India’s major cities, where according to WTO Delhi is the world’s most polluted capital”, Critically discuss. Analyse the impact of poor air Continue reading →

Today’s News Updates – 6.April.2015

GS paper I Hybrid grape seedlings ready for distribution among growers – Ques. Define the term ‘Hybrid’. Critically analyse the role and importance of the process of hybridization in Indian agriculture. Give examples in support of your answer. GS paper II Pact on smart cities likely during Modi’s visit to France – Ques. “Establishing a bilateral agreement between India and France in context with smart cities project would not only provide assistance to India in the accomplishment of the project but also would allow both the countries to bring together Continue reading →