Current Affairs Analysis

A new initiative for simplifying current affairs preparation.

Under this section you are being provided a complete analysis of current affairs in the form of notes/summary from the following:

  • Newspapers: Summary of daily news from The Hindu, Indian Express & economic times newspaper. Not only summary but also question based on the particular news that could be asked by UPSC in the examination. This provides you indepth analysis of daily news as well as writing challenge for mains examination.
  • Major issues of the month: This includes most important issues/affairs of the month explained by mentors in a most simplified manner after a detailed analysis of the topics.
  •  Press Information Bureau(PIB): Daily major updates and issues published by Press Information Bureau (PIB).
  • PRS Legislative Research: Summary of affairs/events highlighted by PRS Legislative Research.
  • Important News clippings – Major News article clippings on daily basis.


Current Affairs Analysis

PIB AnalysisPRS Major Headlines

Important Articles

Important Debates

Important News Clippings


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