Current Affairs course 2015

Civil Mentor Team is offering you a new course for preparation of Indian Civil Services Examination under Prelim-cum-Mains 2015 Online coaching programme.

Current Affairs 2015 online course

 (July to December 2015)

What is Current affairs 2015 online course?

This is an online course for current affairs preparation for Mains as well as prelims exam. You will get 1000+ Current Affairs Articles in Questions & Answers format, very important for Main examination. We will upload 4 to 6 articles daily. Each article will be of 200-300 words or more. It will comprise those topics considered important for Mains.

Course Package includes:

  • Current Affairs from July to December
  • + Previous current affairs (from January 2015 to June 2015)


  • 1000+ Current Affairs Articles (From January 2015 to December 2015)
  • All material available in pdf
  • Keep you updated with important daily news/events
  • Covers dynamic part of IAS exam syllabus
  • Minimizes efforts in preparing & maintaining current affairs notes.
  • Comprehensive and lucid
  • Aims at clearing concepts

Course duration & Fee structure:

  • 6 months, From July 2015 to December 2015.
  • Total Cost [including taxes] – Rs.2000/-






Total Payment

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Current Affairs course 2015




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How this is useful?

Articles will be in form of Notes (No unnecessary words) i.e. aspirants friendly. Each topic will be explained thoroughly with diagrams, pictures, charts, maps etc. This will give you in-depth knowledge of each topic thereby clearing concepts. You will get all the relevant material related to current affairs at one place, means “no extra efforts – no extra time” by your side in segregating current affairs.

(Download sample articles here – Sample Articles)

Basically it will cover the following:

  • Current Affairs
  • Important topics in news related to:
    • History
    • Indian Culture
    • Polity
    • Geography
    • Ethic
    • Economy
  • Various Magazines
  • Government websites
  • Miscellaneous – other important topics for Mains

Will you be able to download articles in PDF?

Yes, Each article will be downloadable in PDF on our website. Also we won’t let you miss anything. We will email you all the articles in a pdf file on weekends.

How to enroll for the course?

To enroll/register for Current Affairs 2015 Online Course for click here – Register for Current affairs 2015 online course

FAQ – Frequently asked questions


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