Indigenous Breed of Cow Has Great Potential to Increase Farm Income

Ques. for Mains - 
Q1. Examine the various initiatives taken by the Government for improvement of milk productivity and conservation of indigenous cattle germplasm.
Q2.Critically analyze how Indigenous Breed of farm animals has Great Potential to Increase Farm Income.


The indigenous breed of cow being disease resistant and tolerant to tropical weather conditions as compared to cross-bred cow has great potential to increase the income of our farming community.

Recently launched Rashtriya Gokul Mission for improvement of indigenous cattle, aims to conserve and develop indigenous breeds in a focused and scientific manner, for which breeding facilities will be set up for breeds with high genetic potential. ‘A well thought out cattle breeding policy which was in place 50 years ago which included selective breeding of indigenous milch cattle breeds in their breeding tracts and to use them for upgrading local cattle. However, the policy was not followed in letter and spirit and indiscriminate crossbreeding was done which has resulted in erosion and dilution of our rich germplasm of high yielding indigenous milch breeds. 


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