Kharif Rice Area Coverage

Ques for Mains - What do you mean by net sown area? Describe the crop pattern in India. Examine government's initiatives towards increasing net sown area.

As per data released by Directorate of Economics & Statistics, acreage under kharif rice as on October 24, 2014 has increased to 380.18 lakh hectare as compered to 376.41 lakh hectare during the corresponding period of last year.

Preliminary Rabi area coverage is as under:

(lakh hectare)

Crop Area sown in 2014-15 Area sown in 2013-14
 Jowar  10.34 12.76
Maize  0.75 0.49
Total coarse cereals 11.19 13.42
Total Oilseeds 4.65  1.58
Total Pulse 3.31 3.78








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