Make in India

Ques. for Mains - "Amidst a complex and unpredictable geopolitical environment, we find that new opportunities have emerged, but equally, several challenges persist. Government's ambitious 'Make in India' campaign hold the promise of re-igniting growth in the years to come", Discuss.

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) led Make in India (MII) initiative, has become the largest and fastest growing government initiative ever, on digital leaving behind every other government department like MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Home Ministry or the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

Make in India, has seen an overwhelming response on its digital platforms since its launch, just 3 months ago. The initiative has already touched over 2.1 Billion global impressions on social media and reached an overall fan base of over 3 Million on its Facebook page. Not just the social networks, even the website ( has seen immense interest by users with page views over 5.5 million being accessed by over 1.7 million users across the world.

Make in India which focuses on attracting businesses to invest and manufacture in India aims to make India a global manufacturing hub, while bringing about an economic transformation in the country, has consciously taken the Digital First approach in propagating its agenda across the globe. With more than 25 sectors to promote and with the ever-growing digital landscape, the Make in India initiative is all set to grow multifold in the coming year.


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