Today’s News Updates – 11.August.2014

GS paper II

More teeth for SEBI

– Ques1. “The passage of the Securities Laws (Amendment) Bill by Parliament is an important step in empowering the Securities and Exchange Board of India to deal with financial shenanigans”. Elucidate . Also describe the prevailing practices of illegal gains made through fraudulent deposit schemes and capital market offences.

Keeping Ebola in check

  • Ques2. Critically analyse the evolution and consequences of current outbreak of Ebola virus disease. Describe the measure being taken by the government of India to deal with it.

Israel-Gaza conflict: Are human rights too soppy for you?

  • Ques3. Write a short note on “Israel-Gaza conflict”.

GS paper III

RBI likely to issue new set of liquidity-easing measures to curb swings in overnight rates

– Ques4. Examine how reducing the daily cash reserve ratio requirement, the timing of conducting the liquidity adjustment facility (LAF), and more regular term repos with shorter maturity could help RBI to curb volatility in the overnight rates thereby acting as liquidity-easing measures.

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