PM ‪‎Modi‬ Addresses the United Nations General Assembly – Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York in Hindi. Mr Modi is on a five-day tour of the US; he will address a gathering at the Madison Square Garden on Sunday and meet President Barack Obama for bilateral meetings.

Here are the highlights of PM Modi’s address:

  • As India’s Prime Minister, it is a great honour to address you for the first time
  • I am aware of hopes and aspirations of people of India. I also know what the world expects from the 1.25 billion people of India.
  • Every nation has their own philosophy. I am not talking about ideology. This philosophy guides the nation. India’s is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
  • Today the flags of 193 nations are flying here. We have achieved a lot in the last decades
  • We have firm belief in multilateralism. Our focus is on dignity and opportunity.
  • India has always raised its voice for justice, dignity and opportunity
  • Our future is linked very closely with our neighbours. That is why from first day we extended hand of friendship to our neighbours.
  • Am prepared to engage in serious bilateral dialogue with Pakistan in a peacefuland violence free atmosphere
  • It is also upto Pakistan to create the right atmosphere and come forward for bilateral talks
  • Terrorism is appearing in new forms and no country – big or small – is free from it
  • Good terrorism, bad terrorism raises questions on our sincerity to fight terrorism
  • In very important spheres we are seeing new tensions
  • Why is it that despite having a wonderful platform like UN we have had to have the various G platforms
  • We need to think how to create a G-all atmosphere when UN is about to celebrate its 70 years
  • Come let us work towards peace
  • We need to respond to the demands of our times. One nation can’t dictate the world.
  • We have to give full strength to UN peacekeeping
  • Basic sanitation is not available to millions of people, nor is electricity and drinking water available
  • When we craft agreements on international trade we should accommodate each other’s concerns and interests
  • When we talk of holistic health care or going back to back to basics, I want to particularly mention Yoga
  • Yoga is not merely a form of exercise, we should begin work towards an International Yoga Day
  • We (United Nations) will turn 70 next year. We have to ask ourselves – do we wait till we turn 80? No. The next year can be an opportunity.
  • Let us fulfill promise to reform the UN Security Council by 2015
  • We had offered to help those affected by floods in Pakistan, the way we were helping flood victims in Jammu and Kashmir
  • When we hear good terrorism and bad terrorism, then there is a question mark on our intent to fight terrorism
  • If we want to fight terrorism, why can’t we insist on everyone’s participation
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