Poaching & illegal trade of wildlife products

Ques. for Mains - Critically comment on the issue of unethical and unlawful trade of wildlife products which poses a serious threat to biodiversity and sustainable development of our country.

Government want to send a strong signal against unethical and unlawful trade of wildlife products by destroying the seized products publically. Money generated from illegal trafficking and trade of animals and poaching always found a way into illegal activities. Unethical use of products of various animals and plants, often based on unjustified reasons has been a factor flaming illegal activities like poaching, smuggling and illegal wildlife trade. In order to curb this unethical behavior, the law enforcing agencies all over the world including India have been putting in serious efforts in combating the wildlife crimes and have seized a large number of wildlife products.

The illegal wildlife products destroyed by the Ministry of Environment & Forests included those derived from tigers, elephants, leopards, lions, snakes, deer, mongoose, owls, shells etc. Few wildlife articles available in the National Zoological Park were also destroyed. The event was a step towards appreciating the efforts of various law enforcing agencies like forest and wildlife departments, wildlife crime control bureau, police, customs and many others for checking illegal trade of these products. The event also marked Government’s commitment to curb illegal trade of wildlife products, to protect wildlife and preserve biodiversity for the future generations.

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