Satellite for Disaster Management

At present, India has 13 earth observation, 3 meteorological, 13 communication and      7 navigational satellites in operation.

The data from earth observation and meteorological satellites in conjunction with ground based information, and services derived from communication & navigation satellites are being used towards Disaster Management Support. The data obtained from meteorological satellites is used for cyclone track, intensity & landfall predictions and forecasting of extreme weather events. The data from earth observation satellites is used for monitoring disaster events and assessing the damages. The communication satellites help to establish emergency communication in remote and inaccessible areas and navigation satellites are used for providing location based services. The fishing sector is being supported through advisories on Potential Fishing Zones and the ocean state forecast generated using satellite data helps the shipping sector.

ISRO has planned future satellite missions in earth observation, communication and navigation to ensure continuity of data and services for operational applications as well as to address emerging needs of disaster management.

The capabilities of earth observation, meteorological, communication and navigational satellites are used to harness the benefits of space technology for developmental activities in various sectors, including strategic sector. Currently, ISRO is working towards the development of 23 satellites, approved by the government.

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