Scholarship programme 2015


Result has been announced: => Scholarship results


Civil mentor team is please to launch another scholarship programme aims at providing assistance and motivating aspirants of Indian civil services examination.

Reward under scholarship programme:

 Winners and participants


1st winner

Free – “Prelim-cum-Mains 2015 online course”

2nd winner

75% discount on “Prelim-cum-Mains 2015 online course”

3rd winner

50% discount on “Prelim-cum-Mains 2015 online course”

4th winner

35% discount on “Prelim-cum-Mains 2015 online course”

5th winner

25% discount on “Prelim-cum-Mains 2015 online course”

For all participants

20% discount on “Prelim-cum-Mains 2015 online course”


What is “Prelim-cum-Mains 2015 online course”?

 Civil mentor offers Prelim-cum-Mains 2015 online course for preliminary and main examination preparation of Indian civil services examination.

This course has two sections. Its actual cost is Rs. 3000/-. Under our scholarship programme this course will we provided free of cost.

For more details, click here – Prelim-cum-Mains online course

How to acquire scholarship?

You need to participate in ‘article writing contest’. Write article on any topic and email us. Winners will be selected on the basis of articles.

How to choose topic for article writing?

You may write article on any topic but it must be useful from exam point of view.

Please read the given instructions before writing article:

  • Article must be exam oriented and revision friendly.
  • Not less than 400 words
  • It must be unique and written by you i.e. not copied from any source.
  • Article must be written in English or  Hindi language only.
  • Do not forget to mention your name and email id at the bottom of your article.

What is the process of enrollment for scholarship?

Only few simple steps (given below):

  1. Write articles according to given instructions
  2. Send it to our gmail id (
  3. You will receive confirmation message as soon as you send the article
  4. Result will be declared on 16 th feb 2015.

Where to send the article?

You may send article via email to our gmail id ( Subject of email must be ‘scholarship 2015’ only.

On what basis winners will be selected?

Winners will be declared on the basis of quality of article. We do not require academic writers or professional writers. We need simple articles written on the topic important from exam point of view in a comprehensive manner.

Who will judge the articles?

Team of civil mentor will judge the articles sent by you. We promise to announce fair judgement, free from any sort of partiality.

May I write more than one article?

Yes you may write more than one article. Winners will be selected on the basis of quality not on the basis of number of articles.

Deadline and result declaration date:

Last date to submit the articles is 15th Feb.2015. Result will be declared on 16th Feb.2015.




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