SCI Launches India-Myanmar Service (IMS)

India Myanmar Service (IMS) Container service was launched at Chennai, to link South & East India to Myanmar. This service has actively been promoted by the Ministry of Shipping, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India in line with the enhanced trade relationship with Myanmar.

Chennai > Krishnapatnam > Yangoon > Colombo > Chennai

This service will boost bilateral trade relations between India and Myanmar by providing immense opportunities for manufacturers, importers & exporters in these countries. This service will open new avenues to the traders to the growing markets in India & Myanmar.

The launch of the India – Myanmar Service was a direct offshoot of Government’s ‘Look East Policy’ by using northern Myanmar to reach in to Mizoram and other North-Eastern States using Sittwe port in Myanmar, on Bay of Bengal, situated at the mouth of the Kaladan River.

Government is looking at starting a similar service to countries such as Thailand and Vietnam as part of the Look East policy, and as part of the Look East Policy, the Government will help the shipping industry in Bangladesh. Like the European Union, which has a strong network of ports, the Government will take steps to have a similar arrangement with neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh and Myanmar

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