State Civil Service Officers Undergoing the 116th Induction Training Programme

Ques for Mains - Describe the role and importance of Training Programme in the development of various skills of civil service officers.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that there has been a sea change in our country over the years and it was the responsibility of the officers to manage changes and channelize them in the form in which people will benefit. He said that good governance in not only the maintenance of law and order and finance but to use state instruments for the service of the people. India lives in the states. The road to our country’s development will have to pass through the progress of our states. The President told the officers that though they may belong to a particular state but they must always have the pan India perception in sight. He urged the officers to develop their expertise in order to use the tools of e-governance and digitization in order to improve administration.

The Induction Training Programme aims to provide the officers inputs in Public Administration, Law, Economics, Management and Information Technology. The overall objective of the Induction Training Programme is to provide an All India perspective to officers who have considerable field experience in their respective States.

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