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5 thoughts on “Reviews

  • Naveen Shekhar

    I appeared in CSAT Paper 2 test (Mock-8).
    Comprehension portion was good,and so was maths part.
    Logical reasoning could be better apart from syllogism.
    English testing via words pair could be avoided as per exam trends.
    Nevertheless,a good paper.
    Hope you will publish a merit list tomorrow as well.

  • yadav2016

    please ensure that there is clarity in some of the options provided in both gs and csat papers and try to minimize errors.
    and from next test on wards try to follow 2014 prelims question pattern both in gs and csat. mainly in percentage of number of questions of basic maths and type of passages. and also give decision making questions.
    and try to conduct full csat that is 80 questions.

  • Agam

    After appearing in CSAT test, I feel that the detailed solutions for all the questions given in CSAT paper specially for Maths questions (highlighting the shortcut, if there) will really help aspirants a lot and fulfill the sole purpose of giving weekly test. Test is really important. But, if unsolved ques remain unsolved, then its purpose is not fulfilled. Hope, my suggestion will be taken care of.

  • deepak1sps

    This test is a very good initiative indeed.but some changes can it wonderful.Most of the question in gs paper I are single answer type,so multiple answer questions should be increased in number ,so that real upsc standred could be mainted.when you are sending the test in pdf format you can mention the source of question,so that it will be easier for us to stress on those portion while revision.


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