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‘Swachhagraha’ — an initiative for cleanliness to get the country dirt-free on the lines of Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Satyagraha’ that freed us from British rule. According to PM Modi, Cleanliness is not something to be achieved by budget allocations. It is rather, something that should become a mass movement. Re-use and recycling of waste should be technology driven and there should a focus on the concept of “waste to wealth” so that revenue models could be developed around cleanliness.

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Endemic Flowers:

Almost one of every four species of flowering plants found in India is endemic to the country. Of these, Tamil Nadu accounts for the highest number of species with 410, followed by Kerala with 357 and Maharashtra with 278.

According to scientists, Western Ghats and Eastern Himalaya are among the biodiversity hot spots of the country.

Scientists of the BSI have listed at least 37 species of Black plum Syzyguim (Jamun), 10 varieties of Musa (banana), along with 274 species of orchids, which are found only in the country. Four different varieties of roses, two herbs and two climbers and 12 species of jasmines are exclusively found in India.

Among the most widely exploited endemic plants in country is Pterocarpus santalinus, commonly known as red sandal wood, which is found only in the southern parts of the Eastern Ghats. This plant is classified as critically endangered under International Union for Conservation of Nature ( IUCN) category because of its dwindling habitat due to economic over-exploitation. Some of the wild orchids, which are also endemic, are also exploited heavily.

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