The Hindu analysis

This is an initiative to simplify the process of reading newspaper. Under this section, we mention the analysis of all important News/Current affair headlines on daily basis. It means now you do not need to read the complete newspaper instead you can straightaway go through the news we mention thereby saving your time. News are covered from The Hindu newspaper only. Here you are not only notified about important topics in the newspaper but also their related crucial points covered under each news item.

The Hindu – daily analysis – 2016

The Hindu analysis – March 2016

The Hindu analysis – April 2016


[Please select the month to view daily The Hindu analysis]

Before going through monthly magazines it is utmost important to consolidate your daily newspaper analysis and build clear understanding. If you skip this activity it is very likely that you find monthly magazine difficult to understand and learn factual details.

 The Hindu – daily analysis – 2015 (previous year)

The Hindu analysis – December.2016

The Hindu analysis – August.2015

The Hindu analysis – September.2015

The Hindu analysis – October.2015

The Hindu analysis – November.2015

The Hindu analysis – December.2015

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