Today’s News Updates – 10.March.205

GS paper I

Now, bottling technology gives Neera a 45-day shelf life – Ques. “Neera production opens a new hope to coconut farmers”, In context with the given statement, Describe what is ‘Neera’? What are its uses? How it is beneficial for coconut farmers? Also analyse the recent technologies initiated by the government to boost neera production.

GS paper III

City to become pedestrian-friendly – Ques. “Making pedestrians friendly cities in India would have major positive outcomes such as reducing accidents”, Do you agree with the statement? Critically comment.

World’s first solar aircraft to land in Gujarat today – Ques. Write a brief note on ‘Solar Impulse’, world’s only solar-powered aircraft.

PM launches first indigenous rotavirus vaccine – Ques. Critically analyse the importance of ‘rotavirus vaccine’ recently developed under an innovative public-private partnership model between India and US.


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