Today’s News Updates – 11.April.2015

GS paper I

Belgaum Fort is heritage monument – Ques. “Belgaum Fort has been recently declared as a State Heritage Monument”, What do you mean by Heritage Monument? Critically describe the historical background and structure of ‘Belgaum Fort’ in India. 

GS paper II

SC orders free treatment for acid attack victims – Ques. “India has an increasing problem with acid attacks, where according to  Acid Survivors Trust International 1,000 takes place every year in India”, Highlight the initiatives adopted by the Indian government  in order to provide aid to victims as well as minimize the number of rising cases. Do you think criminalising acid attacks and defining it as a separate Indian Penal Code offence was a good step to address this issue?

GS paper III

Inbreeding helps gorillas survive: study – Ques. What do you mean by ‘Inbreeding’? Why Inbreeding is generally considered dangerous? Describe the types of Inbreeding of domesticated animals. Also examine its impact on health of animals and organisms.



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