Today’s News Updates – 11.December.2014

GS paper I

Replicate Siddipet model for water grid: KCR – Ques. Examine the features and importance of Siddipet scheme. Also describe its achievements so far.

GS paper II

Government to decriminalise attempted suicide – Ques. “Act of taking one’s own life should be treated as a manifestation of “deep unhappiness” rather than a penal offence”, critically analyze whether government should decriminalise ‘attempt to suicide’ by scrapping it from the Indian Penal Code. Describe its consequences.

India last among BRICS in Web index – Ques. “India ranks behind China and other BRICS nations in a comprehensive index aimed at measuring the Internet’s contribution to social, economic and political progress”, Highlight the major key factors responsible for India’s low ranking in internet contribution. Also analyze the steps taken by the  government in this context.



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