Today’s News updates – 11.November.2014

GS paper II

Gujarat first to make voting compulsory in local body polls – Ques. Express your views on ‘should voting be compulsory in local bodies?’. What may be its implications.

Economic stress trigger for gender violence – Ques. “One of the major solution to gender violence could be breaking the cycle of discrimination by reaching out to young boys with alternative ideas of masculinity”, while critically analyzing the given statement describe the major causes of gender violence, its consequences & measures to deal with it across the nation.

GS paper III

Far from sunny optimism – Ques. “Some of the current labour market regulations are a legacy of Fabian Socialism and colonial rule, others are a product of postcolonial bureaucracy. In order to achieve the economic growth, India must seize the moment by modernising its labour market”, Critically comment.

Job scheme grants likely to be cut – Ques. Examine how cut in grants and ignorance towards Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) by the union government would hamper livelihood and development activities in rural areas.


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