Today’s News Updates – 12.May.2015

GS paper II

Division of State is no solution to the problem, says Ugrappa – Ques. Many political parties are demanding to divide their states with a view to overcome the various problems faced by the stated. Do you think division of the State can be one solution to these issues? Critically discuss.

Child marriages continue unabated in a ‘Smart City’ – Ques. “Child marriage is an old tradition, and it still continues primarily rural folks and Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes. But at times, we even see educated and city-bred people also indulging in this tradition”, While critically anlalysing the given statement examine the factor due to which Child marriage is still in practice.

GS paper III

Landless farmers now wait for jobs – Ques. “Increasing industrialisation in Indian is affecting the very sole of Indian economy i.e. Agrarian economy”, Do you agree with the statement? Discuss.

CBDT BREATHER FOR FIIS ON MAT ISSUES – Ques. Why do you mean by ‘Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT)’? Examine its concept and importance.

India Post launches centre to handle e-commerce biz – Ques. “India despite being third largest userbase in world, the penetration of Internet is low compared to markets like the United States, United Kingdom or France but is growing at a much faster rate, where recently launched ‘India Posts’ is best equipped to lead government efforts to accelerate pace of economic growth in rural India.”, Comment.

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