Today’s News Updates – 13.November.2014

GS paper II

Why is family planning is always a woman’s burden? – Ques. “According to the Department of Health and Family Welfare, male participation in family planning (permanent method or no-scalpel vasectomy- NSV) on an average is as low as 0.617 per cent”, While critically analyzing the given statement describe the measure could be adopted to increase male participation in family planning. Also suggest measures to deal with faulty sterilisation surgeries costing the lives of no. of women across the nation.

India faces climate pincer – Ques. “Recent U.S.-China Climate deal puts pressure on India to decide on whether it wants to toe this line or create a new target for itself and also pressure the world to adopt stringent emission cuts”, Elucidate.

Experts disagree on impact of agreement on India – Ques. Analyze what could be the impact of US-China agreement in context with  climate change on India.

GS paper III

‘India can do more to tackle pneumonia & diarrhoea’ – Ques. “India’s case burden of pneumonia and diarrhoea continues to be high, but marginal progress has been recorded toward improving life-saving interventions to prevent child deaths”, analyze the given statement and describe the challenges towards combating with disease like pneumonia and diarrhoea across the nation. Suggest measure.

China-U.S. deal on emission cuts – Ques. Critically examine the measures adopted under US-China agreement to reduce carbon pollution. Discuss India’s role to combat with climate change.


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