Today’s News Updates – 13.oct.2014

GS paper I

Bamboo brings profit to farmers in Wayanad  – Ques. Describe briefly the importance of bamboo cultivation in various parts of India.

GS paper II

Vizag suffers worst-ever damage – Ques. Discuss the timely measures should be adopted by the government to minimise human loss caused due to occurrence of Cyclone Hudhud.

GS paper III

‘Huge response to crowd sourcing’          – Ques. Analyze the importance of space technology in disaster management. Examine the role played by ISRO and NRSC in disaster management.

Govt. identifying ‘obsolete’ posts              – Ques. Critically analyze the measures adopted by the government to deal with looming financial crises.

Govt. identifying ‘obsolete’ posts            – Ques. Discuss how austerity measures could help to combat with financial crises. What further steps should be taken by the government for modernisation and adoption of e-governance programmes in various departments thereby reducing the existing obsolete posts.



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