Today’s News Updates – 14.November.2014

GS paper I

Ranade, the man who inspired Modi – Ques. Write a brief note about social activist and leader Eknath Ramkrishna Ranade popularly known as Eknathji.

GS paper II

India-U.S. deal paves the way for global trade pact – Ques. Highlight the importance of ratification of Trade Facilitation Agreement by WTO in context with India.

Spoken English classes for govt. school children – Ques. Critically analyze the measures and initiatives should be adopted to by the government for those children studying in govt. schools to make them compete with their counterparts in private schools.

Modi offers assistance on polio eradication – Ques. “India and  Myanmar are “linked” historically as both had struggled for independence together”, while analyzing the given statement describe about India and  Myanmar bilateral relationship.

Stop ‘camp method’, focus on male sterilisation: activists – Ques. “Despite female sterilisation being invasive, more time-consuming and risky, the government has failed to encourage male sterilisation”, Discuss.

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