Today’s News Updates – 14.october.2014

GS paper I

Campaign ends in Konkan region          – Ques. Describe briefly about cultivation of Alphonso mango and the concerns of its cultivators. Also examine the fruit’s increasing potential in the international market.

Cotton production likely to be 400 lakh bales this year     – Ques. Analyze the measures adopted by the government to boost cotton production since few decades. Also discuss how increasing cotton production is beneficial for textile industries thereby boosting India’s economy.

GS paper II

Implement law against illegal posters in all major cities: HC      – Ques. Critically analyze the importance of Prevention of Disfigurement Act and its role since implementation towards preventing “menace” of illegal posters and banners.

Legalise prostitution to check crimes against women      – Ques. ” legalising prostitution could be a measure to check crimes against women”, Critically comment.

GS paper III

Emergency plan to meet industrial disasters            – Ques. Describe the steps and emergency provisions adopted by the government to reduce disaster risks arising due to industries and other factors.

Continue with NREGA, economists urge Modi       – Ques. “Despite numerous hurdles, the NREGA has achieved significant results”, Elucidate.

Power supply hit; food runs out             – Ques. Discuss the challenges being faced by the government and public due to emergence of Cyclone Hudhud.



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