Today’s News Updates – 15.december.2014

GS paper II

Centre plans financial aid for parents of transgender children – Ques. Highlight the major initiatives by the government to bring up transgender children against societal intolerance, stigma, discrimination and violence.

Join hands for a drugs-free India: Modi – Ques. “Drug abuse as a “national pain” that caused darkness, destruction and devastation. it is a “psycho-social-medical” problem and needed to be addressed as such”, Elucidate.

GS paper III

Link policies to behaviour for better outcomes, says World Bank – Ques. “Policy decisions informed by behavioural economics have delivered impressive improvements in healthcare and education in parts of India”, Discuss

Make tax evasion a criminal offence: SIT chief – Ques. Critically comment whether tax evasion should to be made a serious “criminal offence” instead of ‘civil offence’ to resolve the issue of black money. What would be its implications?


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