Today’s News Updates – 15.November.2014

GS paper II

Backing for India’s U.N. resolution on yoga – Ques. It is important to observe International Day of Yoga in order to raise awareness of the benefits of practicing yoga across the world. This could also help us deal with climate change by changing lifestyle and creating consciousness.

Question Hour shifted in RS to stop disruptions – Ques. “Question Hour is actually the one hour when MPs, free of their party, can independently ask questions on the programmes and policies of the government and hold it accountable,” while critically analyzing the given statement describe the process of conducting zero hour & question hour in the Rajya sabha.

GS paper III

Industry welcomes falling inflation rate with caution – Ques. Discuss the necessary steps should be taken by the government to address the issue of price rise comprehensively to prevent it from becoming an episodic issue.

Krishi Mela begins at UAS-Raichur – Ques. What do you mean by e-SAP technology? Describe its role and importance in context with agricultural development in India.

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