Today’s News Updates – 19.February.2015

GS paper II

Now, farmers can get information on crop management through SMS – Ques. Critically comment on the effectiveness and efficiency of various e-portals and mobile aid services for farmers by the government of India.

India-Israel ties out in the open, says Ya’alon – Ques. “India is one of Israel’s biggest defence customers, whose bilateral relations established in 1992 and with several common concerns, strategic cooperation quickly progressed” briefly describe India-Israel bilateral relationship.

Why kids in rural India die of diarrhoea, pneumonia – Ques. Critically analyse the reason of large number of death of children under the age of five years due to diarrhoea and pneumonia, generally in rural India. Suggest measures to address this issue.

Displacement cuts life expectancy among tribal people – Ques. “According to DNA study of relocated tribal community, Displacement does more than efface identities and disrupt livelihoods, it can reduce life expectancy”, Critically examine the impacts of displacement on the tribal communities of India.

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