Today’s News Updates – 19.January.2015

GS paper II

U.S. worried at ‘Make in India’ rule – Ques. “US raises concern over India’s solar policy that appears to discriminate against US export simultaneously India maintains that U.S. subsidies on solar products threaten Indian manufacturer”, Discuss.

Major reshuffle of IAS officers – Ques. Critically discuss about the laws and provisions regarding reshuffling and transferring of IAS officers by State government.

GS paper III

MUDA plans satellite township at Ballahalli – Ques. What do you mean by satellite township development? Highlight the government’s initiatives in this context.

CM vows to develop villages as growth engines – Ques. Critically comment on the concept of transforming villages into growth engines through his ‘smart village’ mission.

‘India has excess grain stocks’ – Ques. “India is holding excess foodgrain stocks worth nearly Rs. 50,000 crore, over and above the stipulated buffer limits, according to experts.”, evaluates the measures adopted by the government for better management of food reserves in the country.

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