Today’s News Updates – 2.April.2015

GS paper II

Around half of Indian children under 5 stunted – Ques. Write a brief note on ‘Malnutrition Mapping Project’. “According to the Malnutrition Mapping Project India is home to third-highest number of obese people after the U.S. and China, 48 per cent of women of reproductive age and 59 per cent of children under the age of five are anaemic, and close to 48 per cent of children under the age of five are stunted.” , Suggest measures/initiatives that could be adopted to address these issues.

‘Vitamin, mineral deficiencies among major causes’ – Ques. Critically analyse the major causes of childhood malnutrition in India. Describe the immediate actions required to overcome this problem.

‘No non-lethal strategy on borders’ – Ques. What do you mean by “non-lethal strategy”? Do you think “non-lethal strategy” on the eastern border of India would be effective in dealing with smuggling and trafficking?

GS paper III

Centre sets sights on doubling exports – Ques. “Tariff cuts on imports would appear ‘threatening’ to Indian players in those areas but lower tariffs were essential for intermediate goods so that Indian manufacturing can become more competitive and further integrate with global supply chains.” while critically analysing the given statement discuss the impact of tariff rates on the economy of India.

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