Today’s News Updates – 20.December.2014

GS paper II

New India-U.S. defence pact on the cards – Ques. Critically comment on ‘Indo-U.S. defence ties’ and its dual role in enhancing Indian defence sector as well as bilateral relationship between both the countries.

Government sabotaged liquor policy: Sudheeran – Ques. Highlight the drawbacks of liquor policy throughout the country in the present scenario. Also discuss whether there should be total prohibition on liquor in India. what would be its likely implications?

‘Stop commercialisation of education’ – Ques. “Education for education’s sake, without core competency will not do, there is a need break the so-called commercialisation of education”. Elucidate.

GS paper III

‘Repurposed’ Kepler homes in on new super-Earth – Ques. Write a brief note on NASA’s new discovery of an exoplanet.

Electricity Bill focusses on renewable energy – Ques. Critically discuss about the Electricity Amendment Bill 2014 that lays strong emphasis on promoting renewable energy generation in the country.



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