Today’s News Updates – 21.November.2014

GS paper I

Area under cultivation expected to grow – Ques. Evaluate the steps taken by the government to increase area under cultivation in India. Describe the challenges and drawbacks in this context.

CM threatens ‘Operation Blue Star’ – Ques. Briefly describe the causes, objectives and consequences  of ‘Operation Blue star’  ordered by former prime minister of India Ms. Indira Gandhi.

GS paper II

Juvenile law too liberal: SC – Ques. “Juvenile law prescribes “admonition” and “group counselling” as punishment for even grave and heinous offences as “far too liberal”, while critically analyzing the given statement highlight the drawbacks of Juvenile law in India.

‘Kiss of Love’: George says unlawful activities won’t be allowed – Ques. Describe the measures adopted by the government to prevent sexual assault and rape cases in schools. What are the challenges in proper implementation of these preventive measures?

GS paper III

FM to banks: lend more – Ques. Critically analyze how bringing down the Non Performing Assets (NPAs) and stepping towards increasing the flow of credit to various sectors of the economy by public sector banks could boost India’s economy.

Confederation of Indian Industry comes up with initiative for industry-institute connect – Ques. Highlight the need and importance of strengthening connection between educational institutions and industries in India. Examine its likely consequences and implications on educational system as well as industrial sector of India.





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