Today’s News Updates – 24.February.2015

GS paper I

Kanakagiri Utsav gets off to a colourful start – Ques. Analyse the concept and objective of “Hampi Utsav 2015” . Also describe its historical background.

U.K. to honour Indian soldiers at WW I event – Ques. “While the UK is one of the top ten unprompted associations with the First World War held by Indian survey respondents, India was not mentioned a single time as a top-of-mind association with the First World War among the 1,215 UK survey respondents. Therefore, twice as many respondents in India compared to the UK feel that their country’s role in the First World War is — to this day — often misrepresented and misunderstood in global history” Critically comment. Highlight the contribution of India in the First World War.

GS paper II

Shift wine shop, help stop harassment of women and girls, plead residents – Ques. “Shifting away wine shop from the residential area could help in preventing women and young girls from facing nuisance and harassment.”, Do you agree with the statement? Suggest further measures in this context.


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