Today’s News Updates – 25.November.2014

GS paper II

Indo-U.S. Trade Policy Forum revived – Ques. “The most important factor determining the future evolution of bilateral economic relationship is the quality of the business environment based on transparency, consistency, predictability”, Elucidate.

Global groups sign pact to end open defecation in India – Ques. Critically comment on recently singed pact by global groups to end open defecation in India.

 GS paper III

Road map for ‘a $10-trillion economy’ – Ques. Analyze the key areas Indian government needs to emphasis to build a $ 10-trillion economy by 2034.

Many pacts to be signed today – Ques. Write a brief note on India-Nepal bilateral relationship.

India must ‘play-to-win’ to ensure GDP growth: PwC – Ques. “India’s GDP growth is based on three economic growth scenarios- “Winning Leap”, “Pushing old ways faster” and “Turbocharging investment””, Discuss.


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