Today’s News Updates – 26.December.2014

GS paper II

Modi leads good governance carol – Ques. Critically analyze the recent e-governance initiatives by the central government introduced during the celebration of Good Governance Day.

Tech help from China, Japan for railway upgrade: Modi – Ques. “Emulating Japan and China’s model of development to up-grade Indian railways would be a significant step by the central government”, Discuss.

Slew of good governance programmes in Delhi – Ques. Highlight the significance of “Mission Indradhanush,” which will aim to cover all those children by 2020 who had not been vaccinated, or were partially vaccinated, against seven vaccine-preventable diseases.

NOTA votes high in reserved seats – Ques. “None Of The Above (NOTA) votes continue to be cast disproportionately in reserved constituencies, raising questions about the use of this electoral reform tool”, Discuss.

Tech help from China, Japan for railway upgrade: Modi – Ques. Critically comment on the government’s plans for setting up railway universities in the country. What would be its implications?

No privatisation of Railways – Ques. Discuss the importance of projects launched for expansion of the local Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW). How this will help in the modernization of Indian railways.

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