Today’s News Updates – 28.February.2015

GS paper I

Efforts will be made to preserve Vijayapura’s cultural heritage, says Minister M.B. Patil – Ques. Examine the role of Ibrahim Adil Shah II in Indian history. “Adil Shahi dynasty made tremendous contribution to art and architecture”, Critically analyse.

GS paper II

State keeps its fingers crossed – Ques. Highlight the features of ‘The Constitution (122nd Amendment) (GST) Bill, 2014’. Recently the bill has been a matter of debate between the center and the states. Discuss.

GS paper III – Ques. Describe briefly about Human Genome Project. Highlight its importance and objectives. What were some of the ethical, legal, and social implications addressed by the Human Genome Project?

Too many waiting for blood stem cell transplants: Study – Ques. What do you mean by Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)? Describe the causes of increasing demand for HSCT process across the world. Why there has been huge discrepancies between rich and poor countries in this context.

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