Today’s News Updates – 28.March.2015

GS paper I

ICHR debate on Aryan invasion theory cut short – Ques. Describe the concept of idea of plural India. Highlight the contribution of schools of history to keep alive the idea of a plural India.

ICHR debate on Aryan invasion theory cut short – Ques. Write a brief note on the ‘Aryan invasion’.

GS paper II

Hindi fits the bill as national language: Governor – Ques. “While Hindi unites the country, regional languages strengthen respective regions, spreading Hindi across the country would not affect regional languages rather a healthy combination of the both would make a strong India”, Do you agree with the statement? Critically discuss.

Rajasthan passes bill on eligibility for panchayat polls – Ques. Critically comment whether there should fixed minimum educational qualification for contesting elections to the Panchayati Raj Institutions across the nation. What would the impact of this change on the local governance system?


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