Today’s News Updates – 29.December.2014

GS paper II

Drug row hits BJP-SAD ties – Ques. “Centre is unable to control drug smuggling across the international border. “Drugs are coming from across the border and neighbouring States. Not a single ounce of drug is produced in the State”, While critically analyzing the given statement discuss the major reforms needed in the drug smuggling control policy of the central government.

Hindus safe only in majority: VHP chief – Ques. “Allowing conversion from a majority religious community in the country to any other minority religious community would ‘downsize’ their population thereby hinder the culture and safety of religious community with majority”, Critically discuss.

Idea of ‘homogeneous’ nation problematic: Hamid Ansari – Ques. “We live in a world of nation-states but the idea of a homogeneous nation-state is clearly problematic. Diversity is identifiable even in the most homogeneous of societies today. The pluralist structures in India that had stood the test for over six decades needed constant nurturing”, Critically comment.

‘Raise more fighter squadrons’ – Ques. “Dwindling fighter strength operationally means that the supremacy that India has enjoyed over its neighbours is fast eroding. There is a need to take concrete steps by the government  address the concerning issue”, Elucidate.

GS paper III

Review of ‘Make in India’ campaign today – Ques. Examine the factors affecting the growth of manufacturing sector in the present scenario. Suggest measure.



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