Today’s News Updates – 29.January.2015

GS paper I

Modi lauds NCC for unity in diversity – Ques1. “Yoga has now acquired a global character, and as the country in which yoga originated, we should show the world that it can be an important component of a balanced, strong mankind”, while critically analyzing the given statement highlight the initiatives adopted by the government for creating awareness about yoga in the country as well as outside.

GS paper II

Remove ads on pre-natal sex selection: SC – Ques2. Express your opinion on the effectiveness of government’s decision to ban and withdraw online advertisements about pre-natal sex determination facilities, clinics or centres  from the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

GS paper III

Sewage plants along Ganga planned – Ques3. Describe the principles and concept  of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). Also analyze its role in context with ‘clean Ganga mission’.

Govt to dovetail Swachh Bharat and Digital India – Ques4. Critically analyze the concept of ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ in India. What could be its role in government’s major flagship missions?

Grey mildew disease management in cotton – Ques5. Critically analyze the impact of ‘grey mildew’ on the cotton yields in India. Suggest some preventive measures.

No more din in this tiger’s lair – Ques6. “Illegal quarries and minings on the fringes of wildlife sanctuaries, reserves and villages have contended the nearby areas with noise and air pollution from the constant detonation”, Critically discuss.


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