Today’s News Updates – 29.october.2014

GS paper I

‘Weak’ Nilofar to hit Gujarat on Saturday – Ques. Discuss the causes of occurrence of cyclone in the Arabian Sea every year. Suggest measures to deal with it.

GS paper II

Campaign to highlight violations of RTE Act – Ques. Examine the challenges and hurdles in the proper implementation of Right to Education (RTE) Act across the nation. What measures should be adopted by the government? Analyze what role could be played by ppp model in the implementation of Right to Education (RTE) Act.

Scheme to lift human development indices of tribal people launched – Ques. Critically analyze the initiatives by the government for the upliftment of Tribal community in India.

Cementing ties – Ques. Critically analyze the importance of India-Vietnam bilateral ties.

GS paper III

Sangh affiliates discuss NDA economic policies – Ques. Examine the efficiency and importance of various economic policies adopted by the new government to boost India’s economy.

Indian laws involve unique risks: Amazon – Ques. “Laws in India involve ‘unique risks’, and there are more uncertainties over the interpretation of these laws and regulations”, While critically analyzing the given statement discuss the drawbacks of India’s business laws putting limitations on the e-commerce firms.


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