Today’s News Updates – 29.september.2014

GS paper I

More hot air at climate summit        – Ques. “India must recapture its capacity to proactively provide both intellectual and political leadership on climate change”, Elucidate.

A food system for the future              – Ques. “In the face of climate change, our basic food systems have to be reimagined so that the world is producing nutritious food in a more sustainable way that increases livelihoods”, While critically analysing the given statement describe the consequences of damaged food system. What measures should be adopted to overcome such implications?

GS paper II

A meeting to watch                                – Ques. Examine India-Israel bilateral relationship since few decades.

GS paper III

Indian e-commerce in the fast lane: Jeff Bezos       – Ques. “India’s e-commerce market is growing by ‘leaps and bounds'”, Comment.

Now, App for agriculture                   – Critically analyse the importance of new developing free mobile applications by the government for the general public. Describe the role of farmer-friendly mobile applications for Indian farmers.

The young and the vulnerable           – Ques. Discuss the measure should be adopted by the corporate groups to minimize employee sickness thereby creating a healthy environment in workplace.





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