Today’s News Updates – 3.Jan.2015

GS paper II

Racial remarks against N-E people to be punishable – Ques. Critically comment on the government’s decision to make violence, racial remarks and gestures against people from the Northeast as punishable offences.

NITI Aayog a threat to federal structure: Cong. – Ques. “Creation of NITI Aayog is a “regressive step” which would further push the country into a market-driven economy and privatisation in all spheres at the expense of diluting even the present inadequate welfare schemes”, Discuss.

Coastal surveillance system proves itself – Ques. Highlight the major initiatives by the government to strengthen India’s coastal surveillance system.

GS paper III

Modi asks corporates to tap rural opportunity – Ques. “Banks in India have a huge opportunity to be agents of social change and transformation as rural India presents huge opportunities for growth”, Critically analyze.



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One thought on “Today’s News Updates – 3.Jan.2015

  • abhi

    Sir, besides regular news which we are lucky in not getting on SUNDAYs, could it is possible for you to give 2-3 questions of YOJANA every SUNDAY, so that we can also prepare it.
    eg. January’s Yojana titled ‘SANITATION, DEVELOPMENT & SOCIAL CHANGE’, out of the articles, you give us 2-3 imortant questions per sunday .
    plz think about it.
    Good Day !!!


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