Today’s News Updates – 3.november.2014

GS paper I

Runners race past beautiful Bidar monuments, historical structures – Ques. Describe briefly about the historic structures and monuments of Bidar district who’s origins can be traced back to the Rashtrakuta Empire.

Act now on climate change, says new IPCC report – Ques. India needs to internalise climate considerations into development planning thereby tackling climate change with a combination of adaptation and mitigation.

TB division to triple its manpower – Ques. Examine the measures adopted by the government to combat with high concentration of Tuberculosis across the nation.

GS paper II

Red tape prevents cream of IITs from serving rural India – Ques. Discus what role could be played by IIT graduates towards rural development in India. What are the hurdles and challenges? Suggest measures.

Missing Indians believed to be alive – Ques. Analyze the steps taken by the government to ensure security of life to Indian diaspora.

GS paper III

‘Our improvements in asset quality will be more accelerated’ – Ques. “Poor asset quality of the banking sector has been a cause of serious concern in India”, Critically comment.

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